Our service recognises the importance of healthy eating for the growth and development of children and is committed to supporting healthy food and drink choices for children in our care.

We are committed to implementing the key messages outlined in Munch & Move and being guided by the National Healthy Eating Guidelines for Early Childhood Settings as outlined in the Get Up & Grow resources.

Our delicious menu consists of breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late evening snack. Food allergies and special diets due to religious or cultural beliefs can be catered for.

Our nutritionist-approved menus are designed as a 3 week rotating menu which changes twice yearly. Our menus are specifically developed to meet 50% of the individual dietary needs of children as recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the National Quality Framework.

To find out more about Nutrition in Early Childhood Education and Care we recommend this article.

Our Scrumptious Nutritionist-Approved Menu